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Sweeten the Deal! June - July 2016

Sweeten the Deal!

Three dessert ideas from around the region

Fashion and the City May 2016

Fashion and the City

Brandshop brings designers and women-owned businesses to the Big Easy

Get Ready for your Close Up May 2016

Get Ready for your Close Up

Add a backstage-style video element to your bridal session

Winter Bridesmaid Trends May 2016

Winter Bridesmaid Trends

Your maids will shine in the cooler months with these top tips

Say Cheese May 2016

Say Cheese

Guaranteeing a picture-perfect smile on your Big Day

Money Problems May 2016

Money Problems

Why and how to discuss your wedding budget with vendors

Trunk Show Roundup May 2016

Trunk Show Roundup

Wedding dresses abound at New Orleans bridal boutiques