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What Lies Beneath April 2017

What Lies Beneath

How to buy your critical undergarments

Center of Attention April 2017

Center of Attention

Centerpieces that double as wedding favors

Give and Receive April 2017

Give and Receive

The Crescent City is also the Creative City with gift shops to be found in every neighborhood

Big Easy Bonding April 2017

Big Easy Bonding

Staycation in New Orleans before heading out on the honeymoon

Take Your Top Off April 2017

Take Your Top Off

The tradition of saving the top tier of your wedding cake

Digital Get Down April 2017

Digital Get Down

How to make up for an unplugged ceremony

Big Day Benevolence April 2017

Big Day Benevolence

White Hall Plantation offers southern-style charm with a side of charitable giving

Weather-Proof Your Makeup April 2017

Weather-Proof Your Makeup

Whether you’re outside in the blistering sun or second lining in the French Quarter make sure your makeup stays flawless all day