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Angels and Souls February 2017

Angels and Souls

Angel Olsen talks about moments of serendipity

Musical Memories February 2017

Musical Memories

LPO and Poydras Home partner for Soul Strings for Seniors

Big Chiefs Coming February 2017

Big Chiefs Coming

Origins of the Mardi Gras Indians

Carnival Clash February 2017

Carnival Clash

Strutting through February

The "Unexpectable" Grammys February - March 2017

The "Unexpectable" Grammys

en français, s’il vous plaît

Ossun Original February - March 2017

Ossun Original

French Zydeco musician Horace Trahan stays true to his roots, family

Heartfelt Vocals January-February 2017

Heartfelt Vocals

Lafayette Cajun musician Courtney Granger goes country

Oracles See the Future January 2017

Oracles See the Future

Sunday’s transformative display at the Marginy Opera House

Oracles at the Opera House January 2017

Oracles at the Opera House

A new work of ambient collaboration comes at the Marigny Opera House