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READ+SPIN April 2017


Lured to New Orleans April 2017

Lured to New Orleans

Lars Edegran’s Swedish jazz

Dancing in the Field April 2017

Dancing in the Field

And standing in line, too

Melodies in the Mind April 2017

Melodies in the Mind

The control and eradication of “earworms”

Recording Gold Rush April - May 2017

Recording Gold Rush

Making records in Acadiana is alive, well and growing

Pure Cajun April - May 2017

Pure Cajun

The Cajun Music Preservation Society keeps tradition alive

House Music March-April 2017

House Music

Baton Rouge’s ‘listening room’ provides intimate space for musicians and fans

Baton Rouge March-April 2017

Baton Rouge

A Rolling River Town Where Culture Runs Deep

New Music Interlude and Hogs for the Cause March 2017

New Music Interlude and Hogs for the Cause

March has been an amazing month for new records