Name Specialty City
Mathews Hand Surgery Zachary
Jackson Obstetrics and Gynecology West Monroe
Rosales Pediatrics West Monroe
Pankey Pathology West Monroe
Hammett Pulmonary Medicine West Monroe
Hammett Internal Medicine West Monroe
Hammett Critical Care Medicine West Monroe
Walsworth Dermatology West Monroe
Ardoin Pulmonary Medicine Ville Platte
Ardoin Critical Care Medicine Ville Platte
Fontenot Family Medicine Ville Platte
Dupré Family Medicine Ville Platte
Tillman Critical Care Medicine Vidalia
Tillman Pulmonary Medicine Vidalia
Cruse Psychiatry Thibodaux
Robichaux Pathology Thibodaux
Bravo Anesthesiology Thibodaux
Ellis Medical Oncology and Hematology Thibodaux
Zeringue Otolaryngology Thibodaux
Weimer Urology Thibodaux

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