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'Duck Dynasty' Recap - Going Si-ral

Courtesy of A&E

This week's Duck Dynasty felt empty for some reason and I couldn't quite put my finger on why until the end when Phil gave the weekly prayer... There was no Phil or Miss Kay! All we got was a glance at the end.

Instead we get Si's discovery of YouTube and Willie's afternoon watching one of his nieces and one of his nephews, which is fairly entertaining, but it's no Miss Kay.

How we get to Si discovering YouTube is through Willie's installing of a firewall to block the people at work from using social media on their computers and devices. However, he misses one: YouTube. The fellas of course start watching funny videos and Si becomes instantly enamored. After an internet "who's on first" act (you tube? me tube? who tube? YOU tube!), Si spends his lunch hour watching videos and decides that he wants to start uploading instructional videos, such as:

"How to train a dog, how to catch a fish, how to talk, how to walk, how to hunt duck, how to eat a hard shelled taco without all the good stuff falling out, how to give a good hand shake, tea refills and bathroom breaks, how to play golf, how to take naps: step one, go to sleep... Hey, that's it!"

They all end up filming Si giving golf instructions, even though he doesn't really know how to play golf. Although, he certainly looks the part in his cap, plaid pants and argyle socks. Also, a camo shirt underneath his sweater vest. It's awesome.

Meanwhile, back in the Willie-verse, John Luke has totaled Willie's truck in an accident, so he needs to go pick up his new truck with Korie. Unfortunately she's made plans with Jessica to go to the nail salon, so they all go over to the dealership together. By the time everything is settled, it's too late to drop off Jessica's kids with Miss Kay, so they get Willie to watch them. He's thrilled.

While the car dealer rattles off all the perks of a brand new 2014 Chevy Silverado, his nephew keeps whacking him in the knee with a plastic sword, and I'm going to choose to believe that this kid has been prompted to do it by producers instead of just being a brat.

On their way home from the car dealer, the kids start chanting that they want ice cream, so in an attempt to be the favorite uncle, he stops by an ice cream shop and gets them a few sundaes and hot dogs. The little girl immediately starts pouring it all over the floor of the truck. As someone who has kids of his own, I'm sure he knows not to give a 4-year-old a sundae while they're riding in the backseat of a vehicle. This is all obviously staged. Even the damn truck because guess what the first commercial is during the break? Yep. Chevy Silverado. I'm surprised that they haven't taken a family trip to Walmart for a whole episode to look at Willie, Jase and Si's beach towels.

By the time Willie gets back to the house, his whole back seat is covered in ice cream, napkins and hot dog. Willie tells John Luke that he gets the honor of detailing the truck since he totaled the last one and John Luke says, "Yes, sir." (I love how all the kids say "yes, ma'am" and "yes, sir." I'm not sure if it's a Louisiana thing or something that goes on throughout the South, but it's a little foreign to me. I don't think I've ever called my parents or grandparents "ma'am" or "sir." It would be too weird. Too formal. Just as it still feels weird when kids call me "Miss Annie," here in the South. I understand it's a tradition and that it's a way to show respect, but it makes me feel like a teacher in a boarding school or something. And I'm afraid that if I have kids here in Louisiana, that I'll forget to teach them all these manners I didn't grow up with, and people will think my kids are rude devil brats.)

Anyways, that's pretty much all that happened in this episode. I hate to say anything negative about this show because I love it, but these episodes are starting to get a little thin, like they just don't know what the hell to do anymore. Also, the product placement is getting a bit much. Hopefully the next episode will be back on par with the other seasons as it is both the season finale and a Halloween episode.

See you next week!

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