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Symmetry Jewelers

Map8138 Hampson Street
New Orleans, LA 70118
  • Jewelry


When Symmetry was founded in 1975, it was an original idea ahead of its time. It was a gallery with the concept of returning jewelry to its rightful place among the artforms. Tom Mathis was one of the pioneers in this venture. His unique style of using his graphic arts background, combined with his emerging talent as a hand engraver, made for one of the most popular collections in the fledgling gallery. Multi-colored gold fantasy pieces, along with more classical art nouveau styles, were collected by people from around the country who were able to visit this French Quarter shop in its infancy.

The early years cemented Symmetry’s reputation as the place to see original hand made jewelry. Local, national and international collections by talented and emerging jewelry artists were featured as wearable art. Many of the international designers were shown at Symmetry before their debuts in the larger markets of New York and California. These collections were displayed, as they still are today, in the Hampson Street gallery in an interesting non- traditional fashion. A visit into the Riverbend showroom is a refreshing change from a visit to almost any other jewelry store.
Symmetry still features the works of almost one hundred artisans. These contemporary collections are complimented by a rotating collection of antique and estate jewelry. The most popular feature of Symmetry is still the custom work of “in-house”artist, designer and master hand engraver Tom Mathis. Using the latest in computer-aided design, or CAD, Symmetry is creating even more unique and cutting edge jewelry than ever before. The last few years have seen the custom wedding and engagement ring business become the largest segment of Tom’s creative genius. Couples from all over the world are enjoying having something as unique as their love, created for the special occasion. The internet and an attractive website have contributed to this success.
A visit to Symmetry is a chance to shop at the region’s most extensive collection of handmade, affordable creations.
Prices to suit everyone’s budget.