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Cross It Off

7 "To-Dos" before your “I Dos”

1. Five-to-six months before: Start a “you time” regimen. At this point it probably seems like your wedding has consumed your life. Keep it from becoming overwhelming by scheduling some time just for you every week: Take a long bath, watch a silly movie with your fiancé or just take a long walk on a pretty day.

2. Four months before: Shop for your wedding bands. These are rings you will be wearing for a very long time, so you and your fiancé should take your time and find bands (matching or not) with which you’ll be happy.

3. Three months before: Finalize your wedding hairstyle. This is your final dress rehearsal with your stylist, so make certain to put on a little makeup and to bring your veil, jewelry and any hair adornments you have with you so that you can really see what you will look like.

4. Two-to-three weeks before: Create and hand out a wedding day “411.” This page should have arrival times and contact and payment information (with backup numbers and email addresses) for all of your wedding day vendors – just in case. Also, make a few copies and hand them out to your helpers.

5. Two-to-five days before: Have your eyebrows done. And ask them to tweeze rather than wax – it’s gentler and can give a better shape. The last thing that you want is redness and swelling anywhere on your face in your pictures from your wedding. Two days is enough time if you’ve tweezed before; if you haven’t, make your appointment at least three days before.

6. Day before: Schedule a manicure and a pedicure. There are so many reasons to make this appointment: It will relax you on a day that can be very nerve-wracking, your nails and toes will look great for your rehearsal dinner and you don’t want chipped, bitten nails to detract from the sparkle on your left hand. Just remember to have a bottle of the polish you chose and a bottle of top coat on hand in case a last-minute touch-up is needed.

7. Day of: Make sure to eat breakfast. Choose a light, healthy breakfast and try to stay away from too much caffeine, alcohol and salty food. Ingesting salt and caffeine can make you look bloated and your skin appear dull. However, if you regularly drink caffeine, don’t skip your cup, otherwise you might get a headache.

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