Winter 2012

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In This Issue

Dine: Nibbles Needed

Try though they might, wedding parties cannot subsist on cake and champagne alone – and we don’t recommend it in any case.

Real Weddings Intro

Shine: Merry Maids

Designer styles in a variety of lengths and countless shades complement the fashionable bride and her maids

Beauty: Prep

He asked to Marry YOU!

Luxe Locations

Hold your wedding reception, engagement party or cocktail party at any of these lovely local settings.

Bloom: Spring has Sprung

Lyndsey Manalla & Harry Graham IV

Real Weddings

Perfect Presentation

The radiant luster of pearls and the shimmering sparkle of diamonds reflect the luxurious extravagance of our New Orleans bride.

Beauty: Polish

Party Like It’s …

Six ideas for an exceptional celebration

Jeanne Poché & Timothy Fox Jr.

Real Weddings

Pamela Leblanc & Brandon Niles

Real Weddings

View: What Is a Picture Worth?

The top 10 questions to ask before you hire a photographer or videographer

Listen: Time to Face the Music

A guide to finding the right fit

Sparkle: Wrap It Up, I'll Take It

A jewelry box holds a world of possibilities; peek into more than 16 filled with gorgeous pieces at local purveyors and choose your favorite. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find your favorite wrapped up for you soon.

Aimee Barousse

full-service coordinators

Want your wedding featured in New Orleans Bride?

Beauty: Pamper

Wedding Specials

Indulge: Treats for the Sweet

On the sweetest day of your life, share your happiness with your loved ones in the form of a delightful dessert.

Bridal Resource Directory

Celebrate: The Power of Place

Unforgettable ceremony, reception and rehearsal spaces sure to leave a lasting impression.

Ask: Janie Glade


Rachel Colvin & Casey Bargas

Real Weddings

Heather Amison & Adam Ney

Real Weddings

Editor's Note: Tact

Advise: Etiquette

All of your wedding protocol questions answered – no matter how awkward.

Make a List and Check It Twice

Transport: Your Carriage Awaits

5 ways to “get you to the church on time.

Verify: Legal Matters

Get your ducks in a row before you walk down the aisle.

Randy to the Rescue: TLC's Ultimage Bridal Event

Take: Gifts for Guests

Give: All Wrapped Up

Local gift ideas for everyone who has given so much to you.

Invite: RSVP No Regrets

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