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Campbell Cabinets

B.J. Farrell and Bruce Farrell

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Top-quality kitchen cabinets are made like good furniture and no one understands this better than Campbell Cabinets owners B. J. Farrell and Bruce Farrell. The company carries a large selection of kitchen and bathroom cabinets made from oak, maple, cherry, hickory, birch and alder in styles from contemporary to country.

What are some things you need to know to best help your clients? When working with a client, we like to know their personal style and taste. Also, family size and family demographic are important because you want the kitchen to function best for the family members living in the house. Does the customer have children, if so are the children young or old? Is an elderly person living in the home? If a family member is disabled or has mobility issues, we can accommodate them with the cabinet design. The answers to these questions can influence the cabinet design.

What current trends excite you? Currently, painted cabinets, such as grays, whites and soft whites are very popular, as well as gray stains. A big trend today is simplicity. Our clients are selecting recessed-panel cabinet styles for that clean, simple look. The recessed styles range from traditional to contemporary.

How does living in and around New Orleans influence your inventory or design aesthetic? New Orleans has such a diverse style of architecture and culture. The architecture differs in New Orleans and surrounding parishes, which in turn reflects a different cabinet style, color and design. It adds excitement and fun because each project is different.

Harahan | 220 Hord St. | 733-4687; Mandeville | 4040 Highway 59
(985) 892-7713; Picayune, Mississippi | 601 Highway 11 North
(601) 798-8008 | campbellcabinets.com

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