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The influence of cyberspace has effectively downsized the globe, so it’s not surprising to notice decorative textiles, lighting and other useful objects fashioned from indigenous materials by native artisans in remote locales. This array of accents combines ancient craftsmanship with modern aesthetic, and incorporates exotic materials, fabrics, colors and patterns. Elements of the global home are as easy to find in New Orleans as using the worldwide web.

Clockwise from left:
Chinese stool at Orient Expressed; parchment (goatskin) jewelry box by Ria and Youri Augousti at Interior Designs II; vintage Indian sari Jodhpur rug (hanging) at Pied Nu; wire urn at Eclectic Home; bamboo chair at Orient Expressed; round ivory frame made in India at Belladonna; sterling-silver water jug with horn handle at Pied Nu; Philosophy de Alberta Ferretti Italian suede and linen wedge sandals at Pied Nu; jungle-inspired needlepoint rug at Maximilian’s International Showrooms; teak rice bowls at Pied Nu; Sabre French stainless horn-handled spoons at Belladonna; and Emma Hope ocelot tennis shoes at Pied Nu.

Clockwise from top left:
Kerry Cassill Indian-inspired cotton tablecloth at Pied Nu (backdrop); Chinese willow harvest basket at Orient Expressed; vintage Indian sari Matta pouf at Pied Nu; handcrafted pillow made in India for John Robshaw at Bellanoche; Dosa lace-edged slip dress at Pied Nu; vintage French grain sack at Pied Nu; British Colonial-style candlesticks at Belladonna; National Geographic Home Collection lamp at Eclectic Home; John Robshaw Indigo cotton King Duvet at Bellanoche; Miya Japanese teacups at Belladonna; Roji Japanese blue enamel cast iron teapot at Belladonna; and Kerry Cassill cotton dinner napkins at Pied Nu.

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