Retailler Spotlight - Villa Vici

Vikki Leftwich

Photographed by Cheryl Gerber

Villa Vici was established in 1991 by Vikki Leftwich and her husband, Bryan Colwell. It’s a one-stop interior design resource center that carries upholstery, tables, storage, lighting, floor coverings, window treatments and furniture for both indoors and out. It also carries original art, reclaimed wood and antique one-of-a- kind objects. The firm offers a full range of interior design services. “New Orleans’ laissez-faire attitude is exemplified in Villa Vici home furnishings and staff ... a beautiful city with friendly faces,” says Leftwich.

How would you describe your design style/philosophy?
I take a minimalist approach in blending contemporary art, furniture and accessories with classic home furnishings. Less is more!

How do you work with clients?
When designing interiors for a client I always have them visit Villa Vici to see what excites their senses. From there, I get a pretty good idea of their personal style and then I interview them on their actual living arrangements such as if they are single, or have children or animals, etc. before directing them on what could work best for their lifestyle. Finding out their favorite color is important, so I can incorporate it in artwork, accent pillows and even lighting fixtures.

Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from traveling and going to trade shows. As a buyer for 40 years, I’m always searching for that one new item that I can share with my clientele. Villa Vici’s new life-sized wire man sculptor creates lots of interest sitting on our white sofas in our display window. He is constantly being photographed by passers-by.

What do you like and do you have a favorite item in your home?
I’m in love with the clean-line, European-style upholstery that is contemporary and classic. My favorite item is one I designed, a white sectional that incorporates a 15-inch box arm with an acrylic tray.

Villa Vici | 4112 Magazine St. | 899-2931


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