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NOLA Bonsai

Guy Guidry

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Guy Guidry, owner of NOLA Bonsai, has been practicing bonsai for more than 30 years. A bonsai-filled courtyard in his first apartment fueled his initial love for the art. When a worldwide bonsai convention came to New Orleans, he was hooked. It was there he met local bonsai enthusiast Vaughn Banting, who took him under his wing. He also started training with renowned bonsai expert, John Naka. “It was like the Karate Kid.” Guidry says.” He was Miyagi to my Daniel.”

 What is bonsai? The word bonsai is a Japanese term that literally translated means “tree in a pot.” A bonsai is not a particular species; almost any kind of tree can be trained as a  “bonsai” tree. Bonsai is more accurately the act of transforming a tree.

What services do you provide? We offer bonsai supplies, a bonsai boutique and a working studio. Locals and visitors have the opportunity to learn this unique art form first hand as we offer classes catering to both the beginner and advanced levels. Also, for those looking to make their event, residential or commercial space truly special, NOLA Bonsai offers bonsai specimens for lease on a daily or monthly basis.

How can bonsai enhance one’s home and life? Bonsai is such a unique and ancient art practice. It embodies both cultivating and contemplating nature. So a bonsai in the home brings nature indoors, creating an environment and ambience that lends itself to both an exotic and serene experience in your space and life.

1529 Jackson Ave. | New Orleans | (985) 705-3357 | guyguidry.com

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