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Keep these beauties blooming all winter long

Cyclamens come is several colors including a gorgeous ombre pink with blush and fuschia tones


1 Fertilize

Fertilize once a month with a fertilizer high in phosphorus and they will bloom from Christmas to Mardi Gras.

2 Water

Water on the crown of the plant can cause it to rot so water from below the leaves and keep on a pebble-filled tray.

3 Roots

Because pigs enjoy its bitter roots, the European cyclamen earned the nickname ‘pig bread.’

4 Sunlight

Keep it in a cool place in a north window or where the sunlight is not too strong.

5 Bloom

As a flower fades, remove the stalk from where it attaches to the tuber. New flowers will appear from one of the buds waiting below the foliage.


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