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Family Affair

Stylish storage solutions for the most shared space in your house


The family room is where the household gathers to listen to music, cheer the Saints to victory, watch must-see TV and enjoy buttery popcorn during movie night. It’s where you share many of the joys and challenges of being a family. Used on a daily basis, it’s often the room with the most need for organization.


1. Cord Chaos
The heart of any family room is its entertainment center. It holds your TV, DVD player, stereo and gaming consoles. It’s often also home to your cable and internet boxes. The end result is total cord chaos. Try covering a cord-filled power strip with a cable management box or a cable sleeve. The idea is, you’re organizing the cords in bulk to make it look like one large cable. Bonus tip: A tackle box can also aid in calming the storm as it can conveniently contain different sized batteries, a small flashlight, USB cables and headphones — out of sight but ready to use.


2. Good Read
“Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism,” by Fumio Sasaki

Fumio Sasaki offers a memoir-like introduction into minimalism with a step-by-step guide to living a more minimalist lifestyle. The book has plenty of inspirational quotes to help get you motivated and insights on the value of getting rid of unneeded things. It’s a gentle guide to learning how to live with less.


3. Smart Solutions

Trash accumulates in the family room but a plain plastic bin lacks charm and style. Instead try tossing trash in a deep wicker laundry basket or a tilt-out cabinet. You can find hand-painted cabinets on Etsy, or if you’re handy, repurpose a plain cabinet with a tilt-out drawer. Your now tasteful trash bin will be within reach but out of sight. Cabinet shown by Dlightful Designs at Etsy.com



Put your sofa to work. You can toss or loosely fold your throws behind it in a trunk, cabinet or bookshelf. That will give you more storage and can double as a handy place for a remote caddy. Also, try using a shallow plastic container to hold board games. It easily slides underneath the sofa — gone but not forgotten.



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