New Orleans Magazine

In This Issue

TV Guys Through A Different Lens

Their work was on-air; their passion is photography

Breakfast Binge

Pancakes, crêpes and waffles

Neighborhood Funkiness

The Appetite Repair Shop, CellarDoor and The Franklin


Confirmed Modernists

At home in Black Pearl

Adventures On a Horse Named Sheriff

Riding the Audubon Park Trail

Fresh From the Garden

Bridging the distance from farm to table

Amazing Recovery

Incredibly, a model school system

Naming Black Pearl

History On Trial

Another “Civil Rights” summer

Michael Hagensee M.D., Ph.D.

Infectious Disease

Cold is Cool

Frozen granita with a kick



Julia Street

The Pursuit to Answer Eternal Questions

Patricia Braly M.D.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Writing Healthy


August Vibes

Catching up with favorites

Read & Spin

Robotics in the Operation Room

The Loons of Lake Dunmore

Michael Marble M.D.

Medical Genetics

Nicholas D. Pappas Jr. M.D.

Cardiovascular Disease

Moving On

Letting go of a house

The “Louisiana Contemporary” Exposition

Ogden Museum of Southern Art Director William Andrews talks about the show and the future of Louisiana artists

Andres Gonzalez

Making the move

A Mayor called “Chep”

Nearly 70 years ago the city and its politics were about to undergo a dramatic change

Medical Ethics Louisiana-Style

Are our medical schools doing enough?

In a Heartbeat

Keeping dry when you have to

New Orleans Best Doctors

The Latest Survey

Slush Fun

Frozen drinks in a pouch put Cordina on the map

Sheba Turk

Mary Alice Younger M.D.

Pediatric Obesity

Another Opening

Reviving downtown theaters

Kathleen Moore, Ascending

A Heritage with an Ivory Touch

When Leadership Fails

Oyster Shells Recycled

Doctors In the House