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Re: “Half-Fast at 50: Pete Fountain’s Mardi Gras,” by Angus Lind. February 2010 issue.

Thank you for the wonderful article about one of New Orleans’ true masters of music: Mr. Pete Fountain. I am recuperating from spinal fusion surgery, and what a delight to open the New Orleans Magazine and find such a heart-warming article about Pete. It indeed truly made my day and brought a ray of sunshine into a rainy day.

The very first large reception that I planned for my Division (at C. R. Bard medical company) was in Pete’s Club in the Hilton Hotel for the Society of Vascular Surgeons. To say it was an overwhelming success would be an understatement. The surgeons loved Pete and his band. Consequently, for several years following this reception, we had Pete and his band for our galas in places around the country. Pete was always so gracious to me, members of my division and to the surgeons. On one occasion several surgeons asked if they could get photos with Pete after his performance. Working with Benny Harrell and Shelly Hardison, we were able to get photos with Pete and the surgeons. Pete autographed the photos, and I had them framed and sent to the surgeons. Pete is the greatest ambassador New Orleans will ever have and working with his people Benny Harrell, Shelly Hardison and Jeff Fountain was always a pleasure. Thanks again for a wonderful article about a truly great musician.

Dee Webb

Re: “Save the Footprint,” Home column by Bonnie Warren. February 2010 issue.

Your article on the beautifully preserved and enhanced New Orleans home near City Park brought back childhood memories to me, now 70 and living in California, and my cousin, Carol Schwartz, living in Covington. In a recent phone call, we reminisced about times at that house with our grandparents, Charles and Isabel Grundmann, who had the home built and raised their four children (two daughters and two sons, our dads – Lawrence and Vernon), now also all deceased.

Charles and Isabel lived there until their deaths in the first half of the 1950s.  The house was sold not too long after to General Wolfley, in, I believe, 1956. So, our grandparents built the house and lived there just about as long as him.

We used to love to play there for all of the reasons the current owners cite. They are correct, except for the beautifully added colors the house seems virtually unchanged. We hope on my next trip to New Orleans to arrange for a visit there and share with the owners some of our earlier pictures at the house.

My daughters who still live in New Orleans (as does my 92-year-old momma) send me your magazine subscription. It is a wonderful tie to my “heart home;” Keep up the good work.

Larry Grundmann Jr.
Lake Oroville, CA

The photograph of Tennessee Williams in March 2010 “Marquee” was taken in 1956, and is courtesy of the Estate of Yousuf Karsh.

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