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The 25th Anniversary Remastered Edition of Dirty Dozen Brass Band’s My Feet Can’t Fail Me Now is pure energy with its screaming and thumping grooves that mimic the happy-go-lucky attitude of the city. It slows down a bit with a sultry “Blue Monk,” “Caravan” and “St. James Infirmary” before the title track finishes with a bang. The group will be performing at One Eyed Jack’s on the first Friday of Jazz Fest (April 23) and at the Fair Grounds the second weekend.

Locals and visitors alike will surely be moved by their celebratory performances.

Photography l April brings visions of blooms, baby birds and bucking bulls at the Angola Prison Rodeo. Those who have attempted the pilgrimage only to be turned away due to a sell-out know that the journey was worth it when they discover St. Francisville. Bevil Knapp’s gorgeous photography in St. Francisville: Louisiana’s Historic River Bluff Country takes you to an extraordinary land lived by Audubon, graced by homes from another time, blanketed in Spanish moss. The photos will send you on your way to The Myrtles Plantation before their ghost says “boo.” A thoughtful introduction by Danny Heitman is a nice welcome to the trip in the following pages.

Children’s l Mama’s Bayou is a beautifully illustrated sleepy-time tale of favorite swamp residents like the alligator, water snake, crawfish and frog performing their soothing moonlit concert. Louisianians Dianne de Las Casas and Holly Stone-Barker are a talented author and illustrator pair. Most importantly, a reassuring message is repeated throughout:

“Mama’s by you on the bayou.”

Cookbook l River Road Plantation Country Cookbook by Anne Butler isn’t particularly the type of cookbook that every chef must have in the kitchen on the chance that Drew Brees comes for dinner; it’s more of a historic journey through the culturally rich parishes and the dishes that are still delicious – or memorable – over the years. The Orleans Parish section includes such varied chapters as Beauregard-Keyes House, Muffuletta, Dooky Chase’s Restaurant and, yes, Audubon Insectarium. The Index helps trim the fat to get to the meat.


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