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Skin Deep

Exfoliation exultation

I never thought I would allow someone to shave my face. But I did – and I absolutely loved it.

My skin hasn’t been the same since I began treatment for my arthritis. Recently, my skin decided it was going to dry up and peel like I was getting over a sunburn – cute, right? Wrong. So, when my sister-in-law, Christy Lama, shared on her social media that her work (Paris Parker Aveda Salon and Spa) had started providing a new exfoliation, I thought, why not see if this helps with my recent breakouts.

The practice, called dermaplaning, has been gaining in popularity recently, although it has actually been around for a while, favored by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.

Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliating the skin that involves a licensed professional aesthetician using a small scalpel to remove the dead skin and vellus hair, or peach fuzz, from your face. Removing the dead skin and hair brightens your face and removes the oils and debris trapped in the hair. The blade allows for a closer, more precise removal of hair and, as Elle magazine has reported, aids in long term skincare by increasing cell turnover. The result is fewer wrinkles and dark spots, and reduced acne scarring.

Even though I completely trust my sister-in-law, I was still skeptical and slightly nervous before my appointment. I can tell you with confidence that it was a fascinating experience. Not only was it unexpectedly comforting and relaxing, it was also interesting to see how much came off during the process and how bright my skin ended up being in the end.

My skin is sensitive, and afterward there was noticeably more redness than usual, so the procedure will likely affect those with similar skin issues. However, the next day I saw almost no redness and my face was uncharacteristically smooth. It was amazing how easily my makeup applied. I will definitely be shaving the date for another dermaplaning appointment.

Remember: It’s important to apply extra sunscreen after dermaplaning, since your skin will be sensitive.


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