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Gators to the South
Re: “Troy Landry,” Persona column by Sue Strachan. May 2011 issue.

Pierre Part is nowhere close to being “almost due south” of New Orleans. According to my map, and having flown over the area many times with the Louisiana Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, Pierre Part and Lake Verette are very close to being 180 degrees true (due south) from Port Allen.

Other than that, it was a great article about alligators and Louisiana’s leading alligator hunter. Who knew that the alligator population is approaching 2 million in our state? With a human population of just under 4.5 million, that’s about one alligator for every two people in Louisiana. If it weren’t for Troy Landry and his fellow alligator hunters thinning them out, we would soon be up to our knees in alligators!

Thanks for a wonderful magazine that allows this Katrina refugee to keep up with the happenings in my beloved New Orleans. I will return one of these days. I can’t wait to have a roast beef poor boy from Parkway Bakery (although they call them “po’boys” on their menu!), and a muffuletta from Central Grocery wouldn’t be so bad either!

Gerald A. Maillian
Tupelo, Miss.

The Waffle Man
Re: Julia Street column. June 2011 issue.

In answer to Mrs. Hamm’s letter about the waffle man, we called him Mr. Sam. We used to wait on the neutral ground at Broad and Gov. Nicholls streets for him in the morning during the war.  He would blow his horn at Esplanade Avenue – the racetrack song – and we knew he was coming. We had our nickels ready as his horse and wagon came along. We wanted to get four waffles all baked together with powdered sugar on them served in wax paper.

They tasted wonderful. We walked back across Broad Street eating them. It was a special time to be a kid.

Richard Trotter
Las Vegas

Re: June 2011 issue.

You have hit a winner with the June 2011 issue of New Orleans Magazine. I especially liked and enjoyed “10 Masterpieces Worth a Journey” and “Scenic Vistas.”

Keep up the good work!

Jack W. Thomson
Carriere, Miss.

Choice Issue
Re: Healthbeat column, by Sarah Ravits. July 2011 issue.

A recent article in the “Healthbeat” section (July 2011) began: “Planned Parenthood, which provides birth control, well-woman exams, screenings for cervical and breast cancer as well as testing and treatment for sexually transmitted illnesses, has expanded its outreach efforts …”

The article sounded like a re-print of a Planned Parenthood press release, since it doesn’t mention that this organization is the largest abortion provider in the United States, performing almost one-third of all abortions in this country.

It’s funny how pro-choice liberals never want to talk about what the “choice” actually entails. Let’s keep talking about breast exams instead.

Jim Blanchard
New Orleans

Reply: The Healthbeat referenced above was focused on educational programs for Hispanic women in the Greater New Orleans Area. In the state of Louisiana, Planned Parenthood does not provide abortions.

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