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As residents of New Orleans, we have a proposal to make to the good people of Kenner: Let’s swap mayors.

Your mayor, Ed Muniz, is already an important figure in New Orleans because he’s the founder and captain of Endymion. This year, especially with his super-krewe returning to the Canal Street route, he’ll be a force for economic development.

Businesses will do better because of him; property values may even increase because of him. No mayor will have done as much for the revival of Mid-City as Ed Muniz.
Once there were many parades that marched up Canal Street; now Endymion is all that is left. But if there can only be one, that’s the one to have. More than just a parade, Endymion is the catalyst for an all-day neighborhood party. Street carousing gets people feeling that their neighborhoods are special and special neighborhoods are good for cities. Thanks Mayor Muniz.
As for our mayor, Ray Nagin, Kenner voters may appreciate that he doesn’t add to the congestion at voting polls on election day by showing up to vote himself. That may be his way of allowing the democratic process to flow more swiftly. Nagin also likes to travel, and with the Kenner City Hall being located so close to the airport, it will be easier for him to get out of town. His favorite city is Dallas, where he owns property. With Southwest Airlines offering six nonstop flights a day, he can practically commute from there. He also has a unique style of speaking that could be parlayed into a tourism campaign such as, “OK, I want everyone to get off their ass and visit Rivertown.” His comments sometimes get national attention and that will in turn draw attention to Kenner. He will be good at increasing airport traffic. He will be good for tourism. Thanks Mayor Nagin.
Both Muniz and Nagin are New Orleans natives who in their own way speak the language. Both try to do right and neither has been tainted with corruption. When Endymion passes Gallier Hall the two men will probably toast each other; Nagin as the embattled mayor, Muniz as the dictatorial parade captain. May the careers of each be enlightened by the spirits of the day.

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