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PETS New Orleans resident and author of the bestseller The Dogs Who Found Me has dedicated his latest book to a particular type of dog: the pit bull. In I’m A Good Dog, Ken Foster explores the lives of pit bulls and the people who love them. There are stories sprinkled throughout the book about particularly special pit bulls and their owners, such as a dog trainer who saved a pit bull from getting killed after it bit its abusive owner. This book will make you want to go adopt a pit bull as soon as you finish it.

PHOTOGRAPHY New Orleans Walls: Still Standing is the culmination of 16 years of photography by Marie-Dominique Verdier. Born and raised in France, Verdier moved to New Orleans around 1989, when she starting taking photos of locals. You will recognize many of the faces featured in the book, such as Drew Brees, Harry Connick Sr., Ellis Marsalis, Susan Spicer and Charmaine Neville. Verdier’s book is a testament to New Orleans’ diversity and uniqueness.

HISTORY New Orleans native Rene Brunet Jr. is an expert on movie theatres in New Orleans after growing up around the Imperial Theater, which his father built. In There’s One In Your Neighborhood: The Lost Movie Theaters of New Orleans, Brunet teams up with fellow New Orleans native and theater history buff Jack Stewart to share the history of New Orleans’ neighborhood theaters of yesteryear. The book is broken up by neighborhood, so it’s easy to flip through to your favorite area. There is also a chapter dedicated to the Prytania Theater, which still thrives today. 

Culture There are plenty of vocabulary lists on the Internet focused on New Orleans’ own lingo, but Kevin J. Bozant has pulled together 180 pages worth of terms for his book Quaint Essential New Orleans. From tips about how to eat a beignet to the definition of zydeco, this book is a must-have guide to the Crescent City.


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