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Last Call

Mardi Gras! ¡Olé!


Carnival season in New Orleans is every great celebration, every one of life’s memorable moments and every good thing that happens to us mortals, all wrapped up in one huge bow. It is New Orleans’ gift to the world.

The celebration of this season sets the tempo of our area for the rest of the year. We love this time-of-year music that no one else has. We covet beads and trinkets (at least for a few nights). We plan our schedule to avoid or include parades. And we look forward to special foods and special drinks, shared with family and friends, throughout the season and along the parade routes. 

As usual, Carnival, culminating in Mardi Gras, is full of surprises. Why should we be any different?

So here’s a Carnival Surprise from Last Call: let’s enjoy Margaritas. Real Margaritas, done the way they were intended with plenty of Key Limes, good tequila and a bit of brandy for sweetness.

Your celebration will reach new heights. And the day-after ashes will be a welcome conclusion.


The Margarita
As prepared by Nathan Dalton at  Felipe’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant  in the French Quarter. 

 1 Part fresh Key Lime juice
 Small splash simple syrup (sugar and water)
 1 Part Cointreau
 Splash orange juice
 3 Parts Patron Silver Tequila
 Add ice, shake and pour.

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