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Best decision New Orleans made this year: No new City Hall.
Next time let’s begin by having some public discussion.

Worst decision New Orleans made this year: Re-electing Nagin.
Actually the decision was made in 2006, but we get the point.

Best work accomplished by charity, organization or group: Musicians Village/Habitat for Humanity. And there are many others. Bless them all!
2) Make It Right/Brad Pitt

Best sound in New Orleans:
Foghorns on the river.
2) Calliope
3) Jazz music
Think about it, what other city can offer these sounds? And they can usually all be heard at once.

Worst sound in New Orleans:
2) Car horns/trucks
Way too much of No. 1.

Best song about New Orleans:
“Do You Know What It Means.”
2) “When the Saints Go Marching In”
After football season we will know what it means to miss the Saints.

Best local band: Cowboy Mouth.
To some readers, the band is the love of their life, (you’ll need to know their music to understand).

Best festival. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
2) French Quarter Festival
Both make April a huge month, and we have barely had time to recover from Mardi Gras.

Best Carnival parade: Endymion.
2) Rex
One is big; the other is classical. Both show Carnival at its best.

Best live theater company:
Le Petit Théâtre du Vieux Carré.
Le Petit’s comeback is worthy of a good drama.
2) Southern Reperatory

Best local bank: Whitney. And its clock chimes play “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

Best charter school: Lusher Charter School. A school with a history and a reputation to build on.

Best private elementary school:
Isidore Newman School.
It is all about the academics, but two Superbowl quarterbacks – the Manning brothers – went there, too.

Best private secondary/high school: St. Mary’s Dominican High School.
2) Jesuit High School
One for the guys and one for the gals.

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