Super Volunteers

Long before any quarterback takes his first snap in the upcoming NFL season, planning for the pinnacle of that season, Super Bowl XLVII, has been well underway in New Orleans. In fact, the city’s Super Bowl Host Committee is now driving hard in its bid to recruit the 8,000 volunteers it says it needs to ensure the mega-high profile event runs smoothly here.

Chevron, the California-based oil and gas giant, recently signed on as a major corporate sponsor for the event, and the company is specifically helping with the volunteer recruiting effort.

“Any time you can help facilitate $400 million in local revenue or help create 6,000 jobs with an event, it’s a no-brainer,” says Warner Williams, a vice president with Chevron’s Gulf of Mexico Business Unit. “We want this to go off very well, so we stepped up to the table.”

Jay Cicero, the executive director of the Host Committee, says Chevron’s involvement is making an impact on the huge recruiting effort.

 “Their entire project team is involved with our volunteer management staff,” he says.

Volunteering doesn’t mean a free ticket to the Super Bowl – the host committee says volunteers aren’t needed in the Superdome on game day. But those who sign up will have a chance to represent their city and showcase its reputation for hospitality. Roles range from helping visitors find their way around town and providing visitors with information about Super Bowl-related events to filling hospitality positions at events hosted by the NFL, its sponsors and the Host Committee. Volunteers will also help run programs for visitors to give back to New Orleans, like building playgrounds and supporting other community causes.  

“When it comes time to volunteer, we don’t assign anyone,” says Host Committee spokeswoman Allison Baznik. “(Volunteers) get to pick what they want to do, as long as that’s available. So if you’re outgoing with good people skills, maybe you want to meet people at the airport or if you’re looking for a more subdued role we have those too.”

Volunteers must be at least 18 years old and agree to work a minimum of three shifts. You can sign up to volunteer by texting the word “super” to 63566 or register online at


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