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Coming Around Again

Angeline’s Gimlet


The recurring rhythms of life are not lost on, or in, New Orleans. In no other place does the phrase “What goes around, comes around,” have more meaning. Traditions should be upheld. Yes, there are probably more modern methods, but the tried and true are just that, and will likely remain so.

When you respect what came before, there are bound to be many happy reunions. Such is the case with the mid-summer classic event, Tales of the Cocktail. Now in its 15th year, this gathering of professionals and amateurs from every spot on the globe, all in pursuit of grand expressions of cocktails, is an excess of good taste and good times.

Along the way, drinks of bygone eras are not discarded, they are revered and revived. The Gimlet, named for a British naval surgeon who in the mid-1800’s was seeking a reprieve from the scourges of scurvy, saw an uptick in popularity in the late 1920’s, and the drink was again reborn in the pages of Raymond Chandler’s post World War II mystery novels.

Here, the bar staff at Restaurant Angeline in the French Quarter, presents their own version, with respect, of an old friend.



The Gimlet

2 oz. Fords gin
0.25 Cocchi Americano
0.5 oz. lime juice
0.5 oz. lime cordial

Build in tin, shake with ice. Pour into coupe-style glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Restaurant Angeline, 1032 Chartres St., 308-3106, AngelineNola.com.



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