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Re: “Sam Zurik: The doctor passeth.” Music column  by Jason Berry. March 2010 issue.

Let me thank you for your wonderful article about Dr. Sam Zurik. I am a 1955 graduate of Touro Infirmary School of Nursing and upon graduation I chose to work in the Operating Room of Touro. From ’55 until ’58 I worked as a staff nurse in the OR and from ’58 until ’68 I was the OR Supervisor. During my three years as a student and my 13 years in the OR, I had the extreme pleasure of working with Dr. Zurik and many other fine Touro doctors of that era.

Dr. Zurik always treated the nurses with kindness, respect and professionalism, and was an outstanding teacher. He was never too busy to lend a helping hand or to thank us for doing our jobs. In his eyes the patient always came first, and his dedication to his patients and to medicine was unparalleled.

I had the opportunity to meet [Zurik’s widow] Jesselyn on several occasions during my tenure as OR Supervisor and remember her to be a charming and lovely lady. My sympathy to her and the entire Zurik family on their loss. I personally will remember Dr. Zurik as a dedicated physician and a caring human being.

Dee Webb


Re: “Yes, For Outlawing Traffic Enforcement Cameras.” Speaking out column. April 2010 issue.

Orleans and Jefferson parishes need to keep traffic enforcement cameras, and Orleans Parish needs to maintain its existing system of parking enforcement. I am opposed to the bill before the State Legislature this spring of State Representative Jeff Arnold to outlaw the use of traffic enforcement cameras in Louisiana; nobody likes paying income, sales, property taxes or another round of permit, inspection and tuition fee hikes. In a time of state and city budget deficits, governments need to decide between raising taxes, raising government fees, or cutting public services such as education, health care, wetlands restoration and witness protection programs. Instead of relocating a witness before a trial, do you want the District Attorney to just buy him a plastic nose and fake mustache?

Recommending a course of action among the hard choices is complicated. It is easier to just complain about meter maids and red light cameras. Or to call talk radio and reminisce wistfully about 1776 and “small government.”

Why not be honest, and write that New Orleans should lay off police and firefighters in order to allow people from other parishes to park for free all day on their big family fun day? My city is too proud and strong to let that happen.

Ian Goldenberg
New Orleans

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