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My Toughest Case: Rebuilding retention

Dr. Duane Delaune, General Practitioner

For Duane Delaune DDS, it’s all about making you look good.

“I have a special interest in helping my patients achieve naturally beautiful smiles through restorative and cosmetic dentistry,” he says. “Throughout my career I have witnessed the cosmetic revolution in dentistry,” he says, noting that he finds the greatest fulfillment in changing someone’s life and self-image through whitening, veneers, implants or dentures.

He says, for him, his field offers the perfect mix of art and science.

“I excelled in the three years of art I took in high school and always enjoyed doing things with my hands, whether it was painting or woodworking,” he says. “I wanted a professional career, so I looked at ones that involved the combination of art and science,” adding, “I also had a lot of respect for my childhood dentist, Dr. Charles Sicard. He always seemed to enjoy his work.”  

Delaune says his toughest cases are typically the ones where he’s helping someone whose dentition is completely worn out – someone in need of a full mouth reconstruction.

“These cases require an accurate diagnosis and careful planning,” he says. They are tough because often times the bite has collapsed or has become misaligned. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the TMJ (jaw joint) and its associated muscles,” adding that complicated cases like these may also involve multiple procedures in all areas of dentistry over a period of time.

“Although they may be considered tough cases, I always find them rewarding because I know I have made a positive difference in a life for years to come,” he says.

Delaune says the most challenging part of his daily work is handling the business side of his practice.

 “Running a business requires a whole skill set that isn’t taught in dental school,” he says. “Without the support of a great team, none of what I do could be possible.”

With a lot of success to look back on, Delaune thinks the view ahead is just as exciting.

“US News and World Report has dentistry ranked No. 1 out of 100 for top jobs in 2015, partly based on its future outlook,” he says. “Personally, what excites me about the future is that I still love dentistry after 27 years of practice and know that I have the opportunity to continue making a positive difference in the lives of my patients.”  

Delaune Dental, The Art of Smiles

3801 N. Causeway Blvd., Ste. 305, Metairie, 885-8869, DelauneDental.com
27 years in practice as a dentist; B.A. from University of New Orleans; DDS from Louisiana State University School of Dentistry; Native of Camden, New Jersey, but has lived in New Orleans since 1-year-old



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