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Something Italian


It has been said that in New Orleans, if you wait on any street corner for just a little while (not to be confused with stoop-sittin’), the weather will change, a parade will go by or someone will invite you to dinner at their house.
So here we are, in the middle of Lent – in the middle of March – and all three events are occurring. Gotta’ love this town!
This is the month when the Irish celebrate their patron saint and just a few days later the Italians do the same. St. Patrick’s Day and St. Joseph’s Day are celebrated in New Orleans like a Super Bowl victory.
St. Joseph’s Day is a particularly festive holiday because those Italians, yea, dawlin’, they sure can cook. Church altars all over town are laden with Italian treats, from pasta dishes to sweet delights, and everyone is invited to come in and participate and sample and enjoy.
Celebrate in style this St. Joseph’s Day with a drink created by Tony Abou-Gamin – world-renowned mixologist and a great friend of New Orleans. Made with Campari, a favorite Italian aperitif invented in 1860 by Gaspare Campari in Novare, Italy.
Cin, cin.

Campari Sgroppino
1 ounce Campari
2 ounces Asti Spumante
2 scoops lemon sorbet
Juice of 1/2 fresh lemon
Lightly sugar to taste
In a stainless steel mixing bowl, add above ingredients and whisk until you form a smooth consistency. Serve immediately in a chilled white wine glass.

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