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Coastal Gourmet

Dining and Drinking at the Edge of the Continent

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Gulf Coast, Miss.

So near to New Orleans, on all counts: in history, in lifestyle, in geography, in what comprises the economy  and in attitude. The latter can be explained by the fact that there are so many New Orleanians here, either retired or just changing scenery for the weekend.


Beau Rivage Resort and Casino

Multiple venues under one roof: BR Prime – American Steakhouse and Jia – Pan-Asian Cuisine. Many casual dining outlets. Bars and Lounges: Eight 75, Coast NightClub and Breeze Bar.

Beau Rivage Resort and Casino, 875 Beach Blvd., (228) 386-7111, BeauRivage.com

Mary Mahoney’s Old French House

If longevity is a key to success, this place earned its chops a long time ago. The building was built in the mid-1700s, and the restaurant opened in 1964. There is a lot of discussion about inconsistency in the quality of the food, but just being here is something quite special.

110 Rue Magnolia, (228) 374-0163, MaryMahoneys.com

Phoenicia Gourmet

Be wary of any restaurant with the word “gourmet” in its name. Do not expect fine dining establishments to serve a good breakfast – or any breakfast at all. Next observation: Throw both of the previous observations out the window. This place is excellent. Soups are always worth the risk of filling up on the first course. Steaks are fine. Chicken Shwarma is better. Sambousek isn’t to be missed.

1223 Government St., Ocean Springs, (228) 875-0603, PhoeniciaGourmet.com

The Project Lounge

If you don’t order a burger, you missed the point. They are juicy and delicious. The place is dark, lit by table candles and no telling what’s on the floor. The drinks are cheap and honest. The regular clientele probably sleeps here. Did I mention the burgers?

208 Iberville Drive, (228) 435-3030


Lookout Steakhouse

A steakhouse in a beach community that does great things with the local seafood. That is what you want and that’s what you get at Lookout. Head on over here for lunch. The lines are not so long and the wait, if there is one, is shorter. If you go for dinner, there are a number of bars nearby; don’t be in any hurry. The pace is decidedly Deep South.

1301 26th Ave., (228) 248-0555, LookoutSteakhouse.com

Bacchus Food and Drink

Named for the Roman god of wine, Bacchus Food and Drink serves steaks with a Cajun flair, some pasta, a bit of sushi and takes full advantage of the fresh seafood located practically out the front door. And the restaurant is self-described as American. If American means a blend of many cultures, they’ve hit the nail squarely on the head.

1310 27th Ave., (228) 265-5476, BacchusFoodAndDrink.com

Tony Nelson’s King of Philly Cheesesteaks

Since Mississippi isn’t exactly famous for well-made and authentic Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, that makes this place even more special. Want Whiz on yours? That is Cheez Whiz, just in case you’re wondering. Do not worry: Tony will walk you through it and include in your visit a serving of the Italian Water Ice. It is refreshing.

1909 E. Pass Road, (228) 604-4599, TonysKingOfSteaks.com

Watson's Piano Bar

Hate bars and restaurants where the music is so loud you can’t talk to your friends? You will love Watson’s. It is a clubby English pub set-up in the middle of the re-birthing section of downtown Gulfport. Named for the owner’s dog, Watson’s has a cool, relaxing atmosphere.

1307 25th Ave., (228) 297-1710, WatsonsPianoBar.com

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