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Angela King Gallery’s 10th Anniversary

Owner Angela King discusses the celebration

Craig Mulcahy PHOTOGRAPH

10 great years have flown by for the Angela King Gallery (241 Royal St., 524-8211, AngelaKingGallery.com) and it’s time to celebrate! King will host artists at her home on March 23, followed by a dinner in the gallery on the 24th, then a public exhibition on the 25th with most of the artists in attendance. On the 26th, she’s taking the artists on a tour of the Louisiana wetlands.
How do you feel about your 10-year anniversary? I am happy, proud and can’t believe 10 years went by so quickly.
What makes the gallery itself special? The space is fresh and full of light. … Our second floor offers more exhibition and studio space, providing visiting artists a studio where they can create. … Quite a few artists have painted in the second floor studio, offering a firsthand look into the world of creative genius. One of my goals was to give collectors an art experience that’s beyond buying a piece and putting it on the wall.
How has art changed over the years? Much has changed … since the early ’70s when I started. … Art was just beginning to be available to a broader range of people after being somewhat an elitist procurement. Now art is available in every venue, town and city, large and small. … Because of that, curating art must be very selective and the art exceptional.
Do you have any grand plans for the next 10 years? The greatest thing I can do is to bring excellent work to my collectors. In this world of internet and non-personal experiences, I want to continue to give my collectors and my artists a chance to experience each other … to allow the creative process to be shared on a human level, one-on-one.




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