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Re: “When the Bishop is Wrong,” Speaking Out column. February 2009.
Once again, we congratulate and thank you for having the courage to be a consistent advocate for fairness, compromise and eventual healing in the on-going saga of the church closings in the archdiocese of New Orleans. We read with much interest your commentary in the February issue of New Orleans Magazine. It was a timely and apparently much-needed sequel to your column in the December issue, “A Christmas With Fewer Churches.”
We sadly agree that some of the proposed options may not work. But, just by making such proposals and keeping this issue in the forefront of your wide readership, will, in time we pray, produce a breakthrough in the current logjam of stubbornness and arrogance.
We noticed, too, that our e-mail letter to you in late December 2008 was published in this issue as you had indicated. We only hope that our comments will be a help in producing a solution to this shameful situation.
Keep up your vigilance and good work! Please!
Mary Lynne and Larry Daigre
Ste. Genevieve, MO
(formerly of Metairie)

Re: “Yes for the VA/LSU Plan,” Speaking Out column. March 2009 issue.
I don’t live in New Orleans anymore, so I have no idea what the VA/LSU plan is. However, the idea to make Charity Hospital a Condo-Apartment Complex is a good one. I think mainly because the old ward systems used in the 1930s is no longer used in modern hospitals – they have gone over to rooms.
I left New Orleans in 1973 – this is the hospital set-up as I remember it:
1. The French Hospital on Orleans (where Oswald was born) has been demolished
2. Flint-Goodrich for blacks. I don’t know if it’s still around.
3. Mercy on Hagen Ave. – closed and renamed. Status today?
4. Baptist closed, opened, now under a new name and I hear bought by Ochsner.
5. Touro, the same
6. Hotel Diev, torn down, closed, taken over I hear by Tulane
7. VA Hospital behind Charity – ?
8. CH Nursing School taken over by Delgado College
8. Charity (renamed) now closed since Katrina
Please forget about articles about Savannah and Europe and Baghdad and concentrate on what New Orleans Magazine’s chief concerns are – New Orleans and greater New Orleans. There should be plenty to write about without looking toward some other place’s problem.
Do what you can to straighten out the hospital name and location mess.
Norman Blessey
Arlington, Texas

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