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This saga will not have a Camelot-like ending. There will be no weeping Arthur bemoaning the loss of his idyllic kingdom, no metaphorical young prince at his side suggesting hope in the distant future. For those of us who have loved New Orleans, the distant future is too long to wait. The city where we once hoped to do our happily-ever-aftering cannot stall for anther generation before regaining its glory. That is not fair to us of the present, and it is deadly for the town’s potential. We must pull the sword from the rock and wave it high to defend all that was special about New Orleans, yet be willing to whack away at what was wrong. Never has there been such an opportunity for change as now. The world saw the New Orleans disaster; now it can view the New Orleans miracle. Some suggestions: Make City Hall answerable for public education.
As the flood waters rose in New Orleans, we saw raw poverty unveiled. To read more of this story, click here for the immediate delivery of your own digital copy of New Orleans Magazine.

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