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Findings previously published in the Journal of the American Medical Association show new research implying patients who receive the flu vaccine “may protect you not only from the flu, but also from pneumonia.” Those involved in the study collected data from 2,800 patients with pneumonia who were hospitalized January 2010-June ’12. The research found “influenza vaccination was associated with a reduced risk of influenza pneumonia that required hospitalization.”

CBS News recently reported that new research, published in Sleep, suggested “going to bed later during the workweek is associated with weight gain over time.” Information from more than 3,300 young adults was gathered for a period of 15 years and studied. Healthday reported that researchers “found that each extra hour of late bedtime was associated with a more than two-point increase with body mass index (BMI).”

Congress and the Obama Administration are “frantically seeking ways to hold down Medicare premiums that could rise by roughly 50 percent for some beneficiaries next year,” The New York Times reports. It has been said that congressional leaders “are quietly exploring a possible deal that would limit the expected increase in Medicare premiums.” The White House has also stated that they “were also considering administrative action to moderate the increase in premiums, perhaps by using a Medicare contingency fund.”



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