Inside the Name
Re: “Dazzled by Design,” by John P. Klingman. June 2007 issue.
Thank you as usual for John Klingman’s characteristically wonderful article outlining the best of this year’s architecture.

Having grown up with David Dillon’s weekly Dallas Morning News architectural review (a city never lacking for new architecture from exciting to excruciating), it’s satisfying to be reminded that New Orleans gets its share of innovation, made all the more complex by the fact that given the context here the stakes are, I dare say, a bit higher. Mr. Klingman’s insights have been appreciated by this reader for the last decade, and well beyond.

One small point regarding the Lakeside Camera Photoworks project: “Zandenewman Design” is actually “Zande+Newman Design, named for its two principals, Michelle Zande and myself.

Environmental Graphic Design is a somewhat emerging field embracing a number of design disciplines including graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design, all concerned with the visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and information and shaping the idea of place. As New Orleans’ leading practitioner in this field, Zande+Newman is not only very excited about having been involved in this collaboration with Lakeside’s eminent architect Errol Barron and gracious owner David Guidry, but is grateful to have been associated with Mr. Klingman’s picks for the year.

Adam Newman
New Orleans

Ed. Reply: Thank you. Your comments certainly add a + to the discussion.

Missed Business
Imagine our astonishment when we read your article (Re: Business in Their Blood,” Meyer the Hatter profile, by Sarah Ravits. June 2007 issue).

The history of Meyer the Hatter was incorrectly reported in this article. Andrew P. Meyer had two sons, Samuel H. Meyer II (mentioned in your article) and William A. Meyer, Sr. who was apparently omitted from your article. Both Sam and William are co-owners of Meyer the Hatter.

William, known to many in the community as “Bill” worked in his father’s hat store for over 60 years before deciding to retire from the day to day operations after Hurricane Katrina. However, Bill is still very much a part of the Meyer the Hatter business since he is a 50 percent owner.

We feel this is an injustice to your magazine’s readers and subscribers, since many of them grew up in the New Orleans community traditionally purchasing their hats from our father, Bill.

We do not blame your magazine for this error for you only report the information you are given. However, your readers need to know the facts. To the loyal customers my father has served over the years, he is doing well and continues to live in the great city of New Orleans.

Nancy Meyer Hardenstein
William A. Meyer, Jr.
Robert M. Meyer

Ed. Note: There was no intention to slight William Meyer. The purpose of the feature was to show various combinations of fathers and sons who are presently in the the same business as is true of Sam Meyer and his sons. William Meyer should have been mentioned within the context of the article. We regret the oversight.

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