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New Orleans Steel Magnolia

A Southern woman has infamous mystique. Books, ballads, TV shows and films have long tapped into the world’s fascination with a woman who is at once feminine, but not afraid to speak her mind; gracious, but in no way a pushover; and with the strength and force of hurricane winds whipping across the Gulf Coast. The Southern woman has earned her fitting nickname: Steel Magnolia. Perhaps it’s born of dealing with humidity so brutal it could melt the red right off of a boiled crawfish. No level of heat, humidity, bad weather or rough times can put a damper on the day-to-day business of being there for friends and family through thick and thin, volunteering in the community, being a master in her career of choice, baking the perfect red velvet cake for any occasion—or none at all—and all the while showing up looking as fresh as a spring breeze with flawless makeup and an iron will.



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New Orleans Magazine would like to thank Saks Fifth Avenue for providing the cocktail and evening looks, furs, jewelry and styling for our 2015 Steel Magnolias photo shoot.







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