New Orleans Magazine

In This Issue

Breakfast Binge

Pancakes, crêpes and waffles

Neighborhood Funkiness

The Appetite Repair Shop, CellarDoor and The Franklin

Fresh From the Garden

Bridging the distance from farm to table

Amazing Recovery

Incredibly, a model school system


Michael Marble M.D.

Medical Genetics

Nicholas D. Pappas Jr. M.D.

Cardiovascular Disease

A Mayor called “Chep”

Nearly 70 years ago the city and its politics were about to undergo a dramatic change

Julia Street

The Pursuit to Answer Eternal Questions

The “Louisiana Contemporary” Exposition

Ogden Museum of Southern Art Director William Andrews talks about the show and the future of Louisiana artists

Naming Black Pearl

Another Opening

Reviving downtown theaters

Sheba Turk


Robotics in the Operation Room

Doctors In the House

Oyster Shells Recycled

Writing Healthy

When Leadership Fails

Medical Ethics Louisiana-Style

Are our medical schools doing enough?

Cold is Cool

Frozen granita with a kick

History On Trial

Another “Civil Rights” summer

The Loons of Lake Dunmore

Confirmed Modernists

At home in Black Pearl

Kathleen More, Ascending

A Heritage with an ivory touch

Slush Fun

Frozen drinks in a pouch put Cordina on the map



August Vibes

Catching up with favorites

Moving On

Letting go of a house

TV Guys Through A Different Lens

Their work was on-air; their passion is photography

Read & Spin

New Orleans Best Doctors

The Latest Survey

Andres Gonzalez

Making the move

In a Heartbeat

Keeping dry when you have to

Michael Hagensee M.D., Ph.D.

Infectious Disease

Patricia Braly M.D.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Mary Alice Younger M.D.

Pediatric Obesity

Adventures On a Horse Named Sheriff

Riding the Audubon Park Trail