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Skin Deep: Fresh Faced

Brighten your mood by brightening your makeup

Ah, springtime; isn’t it something we all look forward to after those long, cold winter months? When you start to feel the warmth of the sun, you know spring trends are set to appear and bring a wave of new styles and colors. These colors are reflected in wardrobe, skin tone and most definitely makeup palettes.

This spring, we’re seeing a lot of fresh faces out there. All this means is that less is more when it comes to spring makeup looks. No more heavy, dark makeup or tons of foundation. Just some concealer if needed, light foundation and mascara – a very clean, fresh face. Going lighter is a refreshing change and will allow your skin to breathe.

This season ushers in a beautiful array of bright fun colors. Many of the colors for spring are reminiscent of the hues of the 1980s – hot pinks, teals and purples. Application is key; with these hues the point isn’t to bring back the ’80s, just use enough color to brighten your face and leave the dark colors in the winter. Personally, I also think it can help in brightening your mood.

Here’s how you can bring more color to your face:


Eye colors are light and simple, soft and pretty. Try some sheer or shimmer instead of dark and smoky. If you want to do a smoky eye, experiment with using pinks, purples, golds and other metallics. But, always be sure to keep the inner corner of your eyes light to keep them bright and cheery.

This is also a great time to step away from dark, black eyeliner and move into softer brown colors. They go great with the brighter, lighter colors and give a softer look. The smoky eye will always be a mainstay, but this spring save it for girls’ night.


Bring on the color! Pinks, shimmers or a beautiful bronze color on the cheeks is a must-have in spring. Try a tan/pink blush to add some color to your cheeks and your skin tone as well.

Try adding a little bronzer to your T-zone to give that sun-kissed look (but of course always wear sunscreen underneath).


Spring is a perfect time to continue to rock the red from winter but also to add some bright pinks and fuchsias; sheer light pinks or even some orange, if you’re brave enough.


A fuller brow has been seen throughout the runway shows and is big this spring. If you have thinner brows, try filling them in with a hue one shade darker (not too dark) to add some fullness.

Try using a taupe waterproof gel liner to fill in your eyebrow using short, small strokes (brows should never be drawn in one big line) and add a touch a brow powder or soft taupe eyeshadow over the gel. To finish, use a brow brush to clean up the look.

Always keep in mind that not all makeup trends are meant to be worn all at once – they are just ideas for you to create a new, fun look for spring that still looks like you.

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