What You Need to Know About Lash Extensions

“Batting your lashes”

has long been a cliché for feminine flirty behavior; no doubt with our fixation on mascaras, lash curlers and faux lashes there may be something to that cliché. With technology we have now “one-upped” those faux lashes of time gone by and brought them to a new age with actual lash extensions. Lash extensions are the process of using a permanent glue to adhere lashes to your own natural lashes to give a more full, longer and lush lash. So what are the ins and outs of lash extensions? If you’re curious about this new lash-lengthening option, here’s the inside scoop on what to expect and how to make sure it’s done right.

Are lash extensions dangerous?

First things first; make sure your “lashtician” is certified. You can have permanent lash damage if the lash extensions are done incorrectly. Lash extensions that are glued together at the base of your lashes can cause your natural lashes to fall out multiple lashes at a time. To put things into perspective, if you rip out a lash 20 times, the lash never grows back. Yikes!

How do you know if what you’re getting is safe?

Before you commit, ask lots of questions. Go to a place that specializes in lash extensions, not a nail salon. Be sure that your lashtician uses pharmaceutical grade glue and really looks at your lashes. You should also inspect the faux lashes before they have applied them. If they’re made of plastic or feel heavy, ask for the most lightweight lash they have and ask for the lash to be about the same thickness as your natural lash. If they’re too heavy, it can really damage your natural lash.

Avoid a lash extension disaster

Ask to see photos or clients the lashtician has applied lashes to prior. If each lash is separated, the lashes have likely been properly applied. Once you get your lashes done, carefully comb through your lashes; if you have glued-together lashes, don’t wait – do something about it! Bad extensions should be separated or removed by a professional immediately. If they were applied incorrectly, do not have them removed from the same place that you had them applied!

Getting it right    

It is possible to get flattering, safe lash extensions. If done properly, your real lashes will grow healthier and longer since you’re no longer using mascara. It gives your eyes a lift without the use of plastic surgery. You look great first thing when you wake up without applying makeup, and it saves time getting ready in the morning. But do know that this is a commitment of care and you’ll have to have them “filled” in regularly.

Top lash tips and trends for summer:

• Never use waterproof mascara. The base of your lashes needs to be able to breathe so lashes can grow, and waterproof mascara prevents this.
• If you have very light eyelashes you can have a trained esthetician tint your lashes a darker color.
• Be very careful when using an eyelash curler as it can rip your lashes out.
• Corner lash extensions are a very popular trend for summer because they give the corner of the eyes a little bit of flair.
Another bonus: they’re less expensive than getting a full set of lashes.

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