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52 Beauty Resolutions

Forget larger-than-life resolutions you just won’t keep. Here are 52 easy ideas (one for each week) to help make you even more beautiful in 2011.

Resolution 1: Throw out your makeup sponge after every use (or at least once a week).

Resolution 2: Wash your face every night before bed.

Resolution 3: Floss daily.

Resolution 4: Get rid of your mascara every six months – it’s a breeding ground for bacteria.

Resolution 5: Clean out your makeup bag.

Resolution 6: Change your moisturizer to one that has an SPF. Already use one? Use one with more moisture for winter.

Resolution 7: Exfoliate once a week using mild soap and a washcloth.

Resolution 8: Take a multivitamin every day.

Resolution 9: Clean your lip and eye pencils every month simply by sharpening them.

Resolution 10: Clean your makeup brushes weekly, since build-up can lead to breakouts or infections.

Resolution 11: Be sure to wear sunscreen on your face and
hands – even during winter and on cloudy days.

Resolution 12: As good as they
feel, try not to take steamy showers. Super-hot water can dry out
your skin.

Resolution 13: Avoid hair breakage by using a wide-tooth comb.

Resolution 14: Apply body lotion post-shower before you completely towel off to lock in moisture.

Resolution 15: Try shampooing only every two days to keep your natural hair oil working for you.

Resolution 16: Try a dry shampoo; it’s great for reviving second-day strands.

Resolution 17: Don’t share your makeup with a friend! That is the easiest way to transfer germs.

Resolution 18: Give yourself a monthly breast exam in the shower.

Resolution 19: Quit smoking. While this isn’t always an easy task, there’s nothing beautiful about smoking’s side effects.

Resolution 20: Get a dermatologist if you don’t have one. If you do have one, make sure you get yearly screenings for skin cancer.

Resolution 21: Work out at least three times a week for a naturally glowing complexion, not to mention a healthier and more attractive body.

Resolution 22: Drink more water. Radiate from within by supplementing your diet with the right nutrients.

Resolution 23: Change your hairstyle. Go a little shorter, get bangs or add a few face-framing layers or highlights.

Resolution 24: Commit to a skin-care routine.

Resolution 25: To avoid damaging your hair, use a heat protectant spray before firing up your hot tools.

Resolution 26: Experiment with new trends by adding in a new color or accessory; it instantly transform any outfit.

Resolution 27: Start using an eye cream. It is never too early or late to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Resolution 28: If it’s been longer than a year since you’ve last seen your OB/GYN, now is a great time to schedule an appointment.

Resolution 29: Start using a balancing toner. Balanced skin is happy skin and happy skin is healthy skin.

Resolution 30: Keep a toothbrush at your desk and brush after you finish your coffee or tea. This will help prevent stains from setting.

Resolution 31: Stay away from tanning beds. Instead, learn how to apply a great faux tan.

Resolution 32: Toss your pillowcases in the wash every week; sweat and oils from your face and hair can cause breakouts.

Resolution 33: Eat more good-for-your-skin foods like salmon, almonds, and berries.

Resolution 34: Maintain your eyebrows; without clean arches your makeup can look messy.

Resolution 35: Schedule a beauty date with your BFF, sister or mom; you’ll feel indulged and have some quality catch-up time.?

Resolution 36: Wear blush. A rosy cheek, no matter what time of year, is just the pick-me-up that your complexion needs.

Resolution 37: Get at least six to eight hours of beauty rest.

Resolution 38: Commit not to use any bad words.

Resolution 39: Toss all those “will fit one day” pants; instead fill your closet with things that make you feel amazing.

Resolution 40: Invest in an ionic hair dryer. The technology is gentler on strands and dries your hair faster.

Resolution 41: Wax your legs instead of shaving and your legs will stay smooth longer.

Resolution 42: Sample a new fragrance for a day.

Resolution 43: Try a beauty
“dare” once a month – use bolder lip, a heavy smoky eye or an intense color.

Resolution 44: Switch two beauty products to an eco-friendly brand.

Resolution 45: Stop picking your cuticles, pimples, etc.

Resolution 46: Wear one fashion runway hairstyle this year.

Resolution 47: Start taking a daily walk with a friend.

Resolution 48: Get a monthly facial.

Resolution 49: Give yourself time out now and then; we need to relax and bring our stress levels down, or else we end up wearing it.

Resolution 50: Clean your cell phone. Did you know that it contains more germs per square inch than a public restroom toilet?

Resolution 51: Start products with glycolic acid or retinol, both help prevent and dissolve fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin texture and tone and even acne.

Resolution 52: Embrace what your mama gave you. Learn to love everything that makes you unique.

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