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Cruisin’ the Crescent - February 2013

Recess Club President Ted Kennedy and his children pose with Santa

Six degrees of separation is defined as: the idea that everyone is approximately six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world. I thought of this theory after socializing over the holidays. We all play the “name game” as a conversation tool when meeting someone new. If you know someone from their hometown, high school or college, you mention that person’s name and if they know them or know someone that does then – bam – you have something in common to talk about. After having many conversations over the Yuletide season I discovered that New Orleanians are not easily forgotten. Every person I met while out of town for the holidays knew someone I knew, and it was usually someone I knew well.

Now it takes a few minutes of conversation before you make the connection, but I was astonished several times when I realized to whom I was talking. At a party in New York I met a dear family friend of mine’s first cousin from Charleston, S.C.; while delivering gifts in Charlotte, N.C., I met my dad’s high school classmate and I ate brunch with the sister of one of the bridesmaids in my uncle’s wedding. Can you guess what every conversation ended with? “It’s a small world!”

The holidays can be exhausting! It takes a lot of energy to socialize, especially when you’re constantly meeting new people. So I want to thank you, New Orleanians, for your impressions on people. You are such wonderful characters to discuss that it made all the rendezvous I had a delight. So be yourselves when greeting the next batch of Super Bowl and Mardi Gras fans; it’s a sure fire way to keep the conversations entertaining for our future encounters.

Members of the New Orleans Board of Trade gathered at the Windsor Court Hotel this year for their annual Christmas cocktail party. The organization, since its founding in 1880, has celebrated many holidays. NOBOT is actively involved in the trade and maritime industry and provides various service and products to assist its members in their day-to-day operations.

New Orleans Board of Trade Director Brett Bougeois, World Trade Center President David Kearney, Current NOBOT President John F. Fay Jr. and past NOBOT President James Baldwin

Every year the Recess Club hosts a Christmas party where they invite the boys from the Waldo Burton home to come and enjoy the holiday festivities. Each boy from Waldo Burton, which is a nonprofit private home that has housed boys in need since 1824, goes home with a present of his choice provided by the Recess club members. This year the event took place at the New Orleans Country Club and provided quite the party with Santa and his elves face painting and doing magic tricks. The boys mingled with the members and their children over hot dogs, hamburgers and gumbo. At the end of lunch, Recess Club President Ted Kennedy invited the guests to come to the microphone and tell jokes while he and Santa passed out gifts.

TOP LEFT: Executive Director of the Waldo Burton Home, Alex Gagnet, and his son, Nelson.

TOP RIGHT: Noel Johnson with daughter Emily and Parker Ann Leopold

BOTTOM LEFT: Regan Leopold and daughter Parker Ann get some face time with Santa

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Erica Thompson with father Jim Thompson and Rob Finnerty

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