What’s Hot for Valentine’s Day


All right, ladies, it’s that time of year again – and before we get into singles versus couples and the Great Valentine’s Day Debate (i.e. who you’re going to share it with), let’s step back and consider this: whether you have your date planned or reservations made for a night out with the girls, this Valentine’s Day remember you’re worth spoiling, and you’re absolutely capable of doing that yourself. So check out what’s red-hot this month, whether you’re treating yourself or dropping a few well-placed hints.


With Mardi Gras right around the corner, we have a lot of reasons to dress up this season, and with pieces like these Sennod vignette chains, a lot of opportunities to change up your look. Diverse and unique, these chains from FeBe Clothing in Metairie allow you to create several different looks by interchanging different pieces – at home, at the office or out on the town.

FeBe, 474 Metairie Road, 835-5250

Whether you’re shopping for a Valentine’s present or looking for a way to ring in 2014 right, the new blow dry bar craze might be just the thing. Get your hair done for fun and a look that you simply can’t get in your bathroom at Dry Bar Bleu for that perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.

 Dry Bar Bleu, 701 Metairie Road, Suite 112-2A, 309-5999, DryBarBleu.comChristie Foom Photography

Whether you’re your own Southern belle or someone’s lucky lady this Valentine’s Day, this magnolia pendant from local jewelry designer Cristy Cali is a much-needed staple for your jewelry box this spring. In sterling silver, this simple statement piece will turn heads wherever you go.

Available exclusively at select retailers and online, CristyCali.com

Red lingerie is a great festive way to start out your Valentine’s Day date, but you don’t have to stop there this spring with this look and more from Trashy Diva, the local boutique that’s getting national attention. Surprise someone special or just remind yourself you’re beautiful in this Elle MacPherson Exotic Plume Set from Trashy Diva Lingerie.

Trashy Diva, 2044 Magazine St., 831 Chartres St., 522-5686, TrashyDiva.com

Beloved winter trends continue into the spring with these beautiful stackable rings from Saint Germain at the Shops at Canal Place. From the gorgeous Sethi Couture line, these assorted 18-karat pink and yellow gold stackable rings with colored diamonds can be mixed and matched with almost any ensemble.

Saint Germain, 333 Canal St., Suite 208, 522-1720, SaintGermainNewOrleans.com

A diamond ring might not be something you would buy yourself, but these earrings certainly could be! With this glitter and glam look this Valentine’s Day, sparkle for you or that special someone with diamond hoop earrings from 1 to 8 carats from Wellington & Company Fine Jewelry.

Wellington & Company Fine Jewelry, 505 Royal St., 525-4855, WCJewelry.com


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