Laura Logan

Lusher Student Raises Relief Money

“I think it’s important to be involved in your community because, just like Plato said, ‘Always be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle.’ Rather than tearing one another down and becoming so engulfed in competition and negativity, people should strive to help one another grow,” says Laura Emily Logan, a rising senior at Lusher Charter School.

Logan has been a student at Lusher since she was in kindergarten. She is involved in many aspects of her school’s community, including Lusher’s Certificate of Artistry dance department, Student Government Association (as Senior Class President) and the Arts and Community section of Lusher’s newspaper, The Post Diluvian.

During her junior year, Logan co-headed two major service projects. The first one was organized by a fellow classmate and Logan, and they sent care packages to armed forces units serving in the Middle East. The second was an organization created by Lusher students in response to the tragedies in Japan called Waves of Relief.

“These two service projects were most rewarding for me because it was easy to see that I was making a difference,” says Logan. “The junior class really came together to bring in goods for the care packages, and we received many thanks from the recipients.”

Logan and two other Lusher students came up with the idea for the Waves of Relief campaign. During the last two days of collecting, the organization was able to double its goal thanks to the entire Lusher Community.

Logan says, “With Waves of Relief, I was in charge of counting the money so I was always the first to know about our growing progress. We ended up doubling our goal and raised over $2,000, which will be donated to the Red Cross.”

Through Logan’s activism and service she has gained a better appreciation of how one can make a difference in the community. Rather than sitting back and talking about what could or should have been done, Logan was able to put a plan into action and see results. She discovered how one person could have an impact on a situation.

In addition to her active volunteerism, Logan also enjoys dance, cooking and baking. “It’s not uncommon for me to show up to school with a basket full of cookies; people call me Little Red Riding Hood on those days,” says Logan.
Logan plans on majoring in a social science, particularly with a concentration in sociology or psychology, with a minor in dance. She also plans on being active in community service once she’s in college.

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