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Christal White

Development Director, The Green Project: Paint Recycling & Salvage Building Materials

Development Director Christal White and Executive Director Sean Vissar for The Green Project

Cheryl Gerber

In an effort to reduce the amount of waste paint dumped down storm drains, Linda Stone founded The Mid-City Green Project in 1994. The volunteer paint recycling group grew quickly. Now located in the historic St. Roch/Bywater neighborhood, The Green Project includes a building materials salvage storefront and environmental education program. As the only paint recycling facility in the Gulf South Region, it serves an important need in the area.

“We have been instrumental in rebuilding and renovating our city for over 22 years,” says development director Christal White.

Paint Recycling

By accepting donations, The Green Project diverts thousands of gallons of paint from Louisiana’s marshlands annually. While the environmental impact alone is significant, the organization offers the added benefit of providing the New Orleans community with recycled paint at a low cost. By making responsible home maintenance affordable and available, The Green Project encourages community members to reduce waste, reuse quality paint, and save money on home painting projects.

Salvage Store

In addition to its paint recycling program, the Green Project also runs a warehouse store filled with building materials. Often for sale at a third of the price of new materials, these architectural treasures include vintage finds and donated overstock. Offering flooring, roofing and everything in between, the salvage store helps keep tons of usable material from being wasted in landfills. Homeowners and enterprising artists alike use the salvage store for unique and affordable findings.

“We have successes every single day when we are able to take something that would have been considered trash and discarded and hand it off to someone with vision who breathes new life into it,” says White. “Our community is our biggest success.”

Get Involved

In addition to providing materials for donation, members of the community can help support The Green Project in many ways. As a nonprofit organization, The Green Project relies on volunteers, and new help is always welcome. Volunteers prep materials for resale, chat with people at outreach events and aid in fundraising efforts. In addition, The Green Project is in need of financial donations to expand their paint recycling efforts and to upgrade their current processes.



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