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11 tips and tricks for travel.

It is a plain and unfair fact of life that after a long flight you look more like something the cat dragged in – messy hair, dry skin and bag-rimmed eyes – than fresh-faced and perky. Ironically I’m writing this en route to Paris, and sadly my lip-gloss and mascara didn’t make the Transportation Security Administration cut. Thankfully cosmetics are sold on international flights duty-free so all isn’t lost for me. But with the recent crack down on in-flight cosmetics, how do you manage to look fresh after a long flight?

The TSA says you may bring up to three ounces of liquids on board if you place them in one, one-quart clear plastic bag. There is no limit to how many containers you want to bring as long as they all fit in only that one – sealed – bag. Every other liquid must go in your checked baggage. Makeup-wise, what’s allowed? Lipsticks – not glosses – pencils, caked mascara, not tube (so I found out) and powders are all allowed. If you’re a frequent traveler, invest in some travel-sized grooming items as they are usually packed in three-ounce, tester-sized containers.

Here are a few of my own tips to help you disembark from your next flight looking as if you deserve a vacation, rather than really need one:

• 1. Tie your hair in a scarf to combat bad hair at the end of a long flight – make it a Hèrmes (that’s Air-Mez not Her-Meeze) scarf to add extra glamour.

• 2. Hair powder or baby powder, like a dry shampoo, helps combat oily scalp and/or limp hair.

• 3. Leave your house with a leave-in conditioner in your hair. Focus especially on your ends but skip the roots, and you’ll get a deep-conditioning treatment while you earn the miles – excellent for combating the overly dry air on board

• 4. As always, carry a great hairbrush. My personal favorite
of all time is the junior Maison
& Pearson brush – pricey but worth it.

• 5. Do not forget a water-based moisturizer. My cult favorites are Elizabeth Arden’s Eight-Hour Cream and Nivea hand cream; they keep my skin and hands feeling soft and looking fresh.

• 6. Cucumber eye pads. Pre-moistened pads soothe and refresh tired and puffy eyes. These can also be refrigerated prior to travel to further refresh eyes during flight.

• 7. Pre-moistened makeup remover cloths remove makeup and clean skin mid- or post-travel. Neutrogena or Mac brands are good.

• 8. Makeup corrector sticks help correct little smudges, blotches or “I-can’t-sleep-because-I’m-stuck-in-the-center-aisle” circles under the eyes. Shiseido has a great “Makeup Eraser Stick.”

• 9. Cake mascara is a great alternative. This is the classic Hollywood way to darken and define the eyelashes. It comes in a pressed, cake form that you mix with water then apply with a firm brush. It won’t perform like the state-of-the-art mascara in tubes, but it will get you through. Longcils Boncza brand is a
favorite – I’ve even used this as eyeliner in a pinch.

• 10. Do not forget the double-duty basics. Powder mineral makeup or a good dual finish makeup in a small tube or a sample-size concealer. Lipstick in a soft neutral color doubles as a lipstick and cream blush. I also carry a small washcloth to use as a towel, a small fragrance in cream or lotion and a few packages of mint tea to make me feel a little more refreshed. My extra-long cashmere scarf makes for a great blanket while looking
and feeling luxurious.

• 11. La Fresh Group (www.lafreshgroup.com) is my travel secret weapon. They have lotion, deodorant; shave cream, toothpaste and more in individual packets for men and women for cheap!

And at the end of it all, I recommend a good night’s sleep, a 16-ounce bottle of water and an astonishing pair of dark, chic sunglasses. Others will think you’re a rock star, not just a fellow fatigued traveler.

Bon Voyage!

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