Cruisin’ the Crescent

Executive Director Larry Schmidt, House Director Ella Camburnbeck, and President of the Board of Trustees Paul Haygood

We all learned the meaning of a “Bucket List” from Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in 2007. Now almost everyone has a Bucket List, and it has adapted into so many different things. You can have a Travel Bucket List, a Before I Have Kids Bucket List, a Food Bucket List even a City-Wide Bucket List – and what better city to have one than New Orleans!

The last was something I just heard about. My future sister-in-law, Emily, was in town for a bachelorette party, and I was delighted when she described the theme of the event: “Bucket List Bachelorette Party.” You see the bride had never been to New Orleans and always wanted to go, so she made a list of all the things she wanted to experience here. Her No. 1 item was to go to Jazz Fest, so the date was decided. Then, she contacted locals and researched bars, restaurants, types of food, specialty drinks, artists and music, and from that the itinerary for her last weekend as a single woman was born. In three days these girls did it all: they saw Billy Joel at Jazz Fest; dined at both a Besh and Brennan restaurant; sipped Sazeracs, hurricanes and rum Ramseys; snacked on Lucky Dogs and soufflé potatoes; and managed to visit art galleries on Julia Street before dancing the night away on Frenchmen Street.

On Sunday, Emily came to stay with us and looked absolutely exhausted. As she described the weekend I couldn’t help but think of all the things we have around us that we sometimes take for granted – things that you can’t eat, drink or experience anywhere else in the world. So start brainstorming you own Bucket List for New Orleans and get out there and take advantage of our incredible backyard!

For over 186 years the historic Beauregard-Keyes House has graced the New Orleans Landscape with its unique presence. The “Evening to Benefit the Beauregard-Keyes House” is the annual fundraiser that helps ensure that such an irreplaceable landmark remains open and accessible for generations to come. Guests enjoyed delicious food donated by various restaurants, drinks including Ms. Keyes’ signature champagne punch, live music and a silent auction.

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