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Emile Tujague

Owner and Trainer, SMX Training

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Why did you start SMX? SMX is a smarter way to train, and almost everyone can find 30 minutes once or twice per week.

Why is it different other kinds of training? SMX is the most efficient way to get in shape. Results come much more quickly than with other forms of exercise, and there is far less risk of injury. With SMX you spend significantly less time in the gym.

Do you have to do other forms of exercise to complement it for a full training program? It depends on the person, how often they work out with us and how intensely they train. Exercise is like medication, it should be taken in the correct dose. The more intensely you exercise, the less volume your body can tolerate.

Do you offer nutrition advice? Yes, you cannot “out exercise” a bad diet.

Do any celebrities practice SMX or a similar method? Yes, our method of training is popular with people such as Barbara Walters and Lesley Stahl.

What kind of results have you seen? Our clients notice a dramatic increase in strength and muscle tone. This enhances their metabolism and they burn more calories, so they experience weight loss as well. Clients with osteoporosis demonstrate bone density improvements.

How is the studio? Our renovation and machine upgrade is nearly finished; we have on-site metabolic testing with HIT LAB INC and retail is coming. 


SMX Training, 735 Octavia St., 236-4121, SMXTraining.com



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