Drawing inspiration from her growing collection of 18th- and 19th-century French-cut steel shoe buckles, Janet Bruno-Small will design a one-of-a-kind necklace with your mother in mind. This piece, which mixes freshwater pearls with garnet, sterling and quartz, features one of those beautiful buckles. Mon Coeur, 3952 Magazine St., 899-0064. Snapdragons and roses get along beautifully in a colorful arrangement of fresh spring blooms sure to put a smile on Mom’s face. Carrollton Flower Market, 838 Dublin St., 866-9614. The sheen on this pretty pair of patent leather purses from the1950s rivals the shine of the rhinestones and cabochons in this stunning choker, just one piece of an extensive collection of fine costume jewelry from days gone by. Personality, 6107 Magazine St., 301-9300. Whether she’s headed to an exotic isle for a well-deserved sun-soaked vacation (where the pink leather passport cover will come in handy) or just looking after the grandkids by the pool, your mother will be ready for summer with a monogrammed gingham-trimmed tote, matching sun hat and sandals. Orient Expressed, 3905 Magazine St., 899-3060. Heaven in a handbag! And when the heavens open up, you’ve got a waterproof parasol at your fingertips. Available in an assortment of colors and prints, this parasol with a collapsible mahogany handle was made to fit snugly inside two loops on this smart Deborah Lewis purse. Mom will love it! Oliveaux, 5422 Magazine St., 899-8120. You’ve spent your whole life lighting up hers; now you can leave a little light behind when you’re not around. Made of Murano glass, the vibrant colors of the Norma Desmond lamp will brighten up any corner with the flick of a switch. Jezebel’s, 4610 Magazine St., 895-7784. Remind Mom that she doesn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. A pair of red nylon blend pants by Amma is the perfect complement to the bright colors and bold pattern of this sleeveless shirt by Pezzi. Feel the stretch!Pizazz, 6316 Argonne Blvd., 482-1533.

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