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Virginia Lee Eason to John Giffen Weinmann

June 11, 1955

Virginia Lee Eason and John “Jack” Giffen Weinmann met on a blind date in Oklahoma City in 1946 when Virginia was 16 and Jack 17.
Nine years later, in ’55, they married.
Jack, a native New Orleanian, visited his great aunt in Oklahoma City every year, and even took her and her best friend on an 8,000 mile trip across the west.
It was his great aunt who set up the original blind date – she lived right across the street from Virginia’s grandparents.

Virginia went off to college and Jack on to Tulane University and law school, but they kept up with each other and dated long distance, even after college.
Jack was madly in love with Virginia and bought an engagement ring from Adler’s.
On two occasions he asked her to marry him, but she responded that she just wasn’t ready. The ring went back to Adler’s.

Jack decided to ask Virginia to come to the Apollo ball during Mardi Gras 1955, and she accepted, realizing that much planning was required on his part.
On the drive home from the ball, as they were parked in the driveway, he put his arm around her and asked again. Virginia said, “All right!” He was surprised and delighted, and gave her his family ring. He went back to Adler’s and had to send the real engagement ring to her later.

Virginia and her mom wanted the wedding to be on June 4, but that was the date of the Junior League Horse Show, so the date changed to June 11. There were parties – showers, luncheons, picnics, cocktail and dinner parties – every day and night for weeks before the wedding.

Virginia and her mother found her Duchess and Rose Point lace veil in Brussels on a trip to Europe. They found the dress at Neiman Marcus in Dallas.
The nine bridesmaids wore ivory satin dresses with pearls that were a gift from Virginia.
Jack gave the groomsmen gold tie clasps engraved with their initials.

The wedding was at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral and the reception was at the Skirvin Hotel.
An orchestra played while guest dined and drank from a collection of liquor that was hidden in Mr. Eason’s locker at the hotel since Oklahoma City was dry.
Jack took Virginia to Cuba for their honeymoon where they stayed at the Nacional Hotel, dined at La Floridita and were treated to “the best” at Varadero Beach.


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