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Pool Party

Just for the girls

Linda Reese Bjork

September still feels like summer here, so you have time to have a pool party for just the girls! Hand deliver small blow-up flamingos or the plastic ones with a note with date, time and what to wear attached. Greet guests at the door with a decoration that says “Here’s the Party” and summertime music by Jimmy Buffett or The Great American Song Book by Rod Stewart!

As they make their way to the backyard, offer them a fabulous rum drink to cool them off. Of course, everyone has a palm tree attached to their glass with their name on it, so they can keep their glass to take home after the party. Once friends get to the pool area, greet them with a giant floating flamingo with flowers balanced in the middle. This has to be in the water before anyone swims so the flowers don’t fall over! Luis Colmenares created this arrangement for the “Azúcar Ball,” and of course I had to buy several and create my own arrangement of lilies, sweetheart roses and penta from the garden.

I love Arnaud’s and their cookbooks, so we chose to make Shrimp Macque Choux Salad and The Count’s Deviled Eggs from Arnaud’s Restaurant Cookbook. We also had Boursain Cheese surrounded by cherry tomatoes with assorted crackers. Dessert can be mini doberge cakes and mini ice cream cones.

It is so fun to have a group of girls to just chat and do nothing by the swimming pool. Send everyone home with their glass and a brightly colored bandana napkin!



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